Monday, 7 April 2008

Tuesday 25th March 2008

Was out at 6.45am to the river today, frosty start but a lovely walk. You could see the whole of the river this morning, the sun was very bright.

When I came back I was put straight into the cage which is unusual, anyway they both went out today, again unusual. The day passed very slowly and I fell asleep for parts of it but in the cage....
Owner Clare came in later than expected, popped me outside, give me a cuddle, and then left again. Owner Brian came in and took me out to the field by the river and we spent 20 minutes stick collecting. Was let into the big room and ate my bone.Georgie was in good form and even let me lick her, result!

Out last thing then bed. I need to work out the following,

How to bring back more sticks
How to make friends with other dogs

Until next time.

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