Monday, 7 April 2008

Changes January 16th 2008

Woke up today and had a walk, fed and was taken to the main office at 1pm. There was lots of activity and I was pushed into a pet carrier which smelt of a cat. There was a small blue towel in the bottom and then I was locked in.
This human (now I know as my owner called Brian), talked to the ladies who had cared for me and I was carried away from the noise of the main buildings. They gave me a tag with my new address on, a red collar and red lead, plus an owners pack with my book of injections that I have had.
Ah no more barking and I can see grass and trees and a car! I was placed on the front seat while this human talked to me - saying how lovely I was. I did not cry at this point - good for me.
We started to move and it was quite good I thought. This human (my new owner) started to talk to another human on a black small piece of plastic. This piece of plastic spoke back and I was so shocked a howled quite loudly. (I wil do this a lot over the next few weeks - they will soon get the message that they speak to me first).
We are driving for 30 minutes and then we pull up outside a massive building and another human ( called Clare) comes to see me. She smells of flowers, he does not!
She is at work and will see me later. I wonder why???? They both say how lovely I am.....

We stopped outside a blue door with a number 1 at the top of it. As we went in I could smell the cat (Who I now know is called Georgie). I was carried into a room which had a training cage in the corner. I was allowed out of the small carrying device and I had a good look around. My cage has a red blanket, which matches my new collar and lead, and lots of toys and things to chew.
I was given a set of rules as I wondered about the room.
1) dont pee on the carpet
2) dont pooh on the carpet
3) dont eat the carpet!
The golden rules I had to live by. I was given lots of cuddles and had my new name tag on my collar. They have kept my old name of Rosie, thats good as I like it!!!!! I am not wanted for any crime but I had my picture taken anyway, this was sent to other people by the plastic device. I wonder why that happens.
Click above for some of my first photographs.....

After my tea, the human called Clare arrived at the house. She came in and gave me a big cuddle. I am very cute!!! I must remind them of this term, may come in handy when I eat/chew the carpet!
Went for a walk, well sort of I was carried over the road and pulled for 50 yards to the grass. Then I was let off my leash, boy was that fun, I ran for ages. For some reason my owner had a roll of small black bags, these come everywhere with me for some reason.
Had my first wee and then a poo by the river, the human placed my poo in the black bag and carried it with us while I walked!!! What is going on I wonder...... Ah the roll of black bags have a purpose now I see.
The bag was placed in a small bin by the river.
I had a good day today and I am tired, I fell asleep in the cage in the room I first arrived in. No barking, no noise, but I know there is a cat around as I can hear and smell her.

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