Monday, 7 April 2008

The first week

Loads has happened this week, I have been visited by many people who are part of my owners family. All agree I am cute! I get very excited on most days and have broken rule 1 and rule 2 on a few occasions.

They are not mad at me but they do think I should go outside to do this.

My owners have decided to move the small lounge and the dining room around as I can go straight outside if I need the toilet before walkies. Before this happened I had great fun with a toilet roll! I am also going to see Scarey Carey later this week ( she wears a white coat and fixes me when I go wrong apparently).

More on that later. Been for walks, met new friends and loads of other dogs at the river. No sign yet of the cat who I can still hear and smell. I have also taken lots of her toys and ate a lot of her food!

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