Monday, 7 April 2008

Easter Monday March 25th 2008

Was up nice and early today and we went straight to the river, it was a frosty morning and the rabbits were out in force today. As soon as I got to the gate where I am allowed off my lead, I ran to the very bottom of the river. Great fun......

Came back and tried to eat the cats breakfast, she was not amused. Sat in sun and ate my ham bone.....great start to the day. My owner is using a machine to steam clean the carpets and floors, the cat must be a very messy animal? I sat on the sofa and howled most of the time, its like the hoover with steam.....

Going for a walk later so must get some play and sleeptime before that. I have also rearranged my bedding outside of the cage for a change. May be a rule coming here I feel as someone will need to put it back at some point today! This has been put back with no word...hmmm!

Went for car ride up to the Roman Wall after lunch, cold and windy but it is the first time I have been on the military road. Owner Brian put the top down on the way back, I just lay there in the sun with the wind whistling around me.

At the river tonight I have a new trick, I get more and more excited each time the stick is thrown, I now bark for the sticks to be thrown for me.! I also carried one large stick all the way home, this is a first for me. Met another dog called Rosie today, how weird is that we are both collies and both dogs.

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