Monday, 7 April 2008

The month of February 2008

Friday I was made bionic! I can been found anywhere in the world with this new chip in the back of my neck, a short pain then I was done. Given a treat by Carey - lovely. Has the cat been done and why not????
Met the wonderful Georgie on a few occasions by the back door, she swiped me on the nose, on the ear and on the head. This happened a lot over the next few days - then she started to ignore me. I wont let her as I want to play.....Been busy gardening most of this month, my owner non to pleased as they have had to move all the plant pots up onto the back wall. I was quite pleased with my efforts, they were not. Rule 4 has been introduced.
1) dont pee on the carpet
2) dont pooh on the carpet
3) dont eat the carpet!
4) dont garden New rule
I have also been trained to sit, beg, lie down and heard a new word from owner Clare called "Enough Rosie", this is used when I get to excited and have a bit of a chew on their arms and legs...... No pleasing them sometimes. I am still considered cute though.

I am getting bigger and stronger each week, I love the river walks - I am going three times a day with both owners and love it. Each morning I am out before seven and walk the full length of the river. Owner Clare sometimes takes me in the jeep to the other side of the river for a different walk. I love it!!! I have a walk at 1pm then at 4pm depending on their shifts. Last walk at night and then treats all around.I am famous and have been filmed with a video camera by my owners. They love it when I chase sticks, I dont bring them back very often - much to their annoyance.

Been sitting on the sofa with the cat, she does not have a good sense of humour, but very sharp claws. I tease her but now know when to retreat. A good month for all - I need to find a new hobby as gardening is now totally disallowed.
Been visited by Sean and friends a lot this month, Max also goes to the toilet outside but does not use a poo bag???? Weird eh!

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