Monday, 7 April 2008

Easter Sunday

It has been snowing and the ground was freezing under my paws. Was out at 8am today and we went around the river, we were the only ones there except for some rabbits which I could not catch.

When I came back radio 6 was on in my room, we have tried magic and heart channels but BBC 6 seems to be the one that they have chosen for me to listen too when they are out.
Lay in the sun for a bit before they both went out. I was in the living room tonight for an hour and ate my bone. If I am really good I will be allowed in Monday evening as well. Owner Clare at work, so owner Brian took me for last walk around the village. The cat took a swipe but missed as we went out......I am much faster these days.....

Came home and was ready for bed. I have had a tiring day and will sleep well tonight. The cat was not allowed upstairs tonight.

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