Monday, 7 April 2008

Wednesday 26th March 2008

An early start this morning, 6.40am. Not as cold today either for the old paws. The river was full of bunnies!, and not one to be caught. Had a long run and met the lady with 2 dogs, bonny a scottie and another black dog - no name known or breed??? Bonnie is as excitable as me, now that is good news.

Had a lazy day till 3pm then out around river with both owners, someone has boarded up the gate to the stick throwing hill? Why and what are those white fluffy things in the field? Bah Bahhhh thats all they do. Not as quick as the rabbits I bet!

Was in sitting room for a short period but I wet on the carpet, never done that for yonks. Rule 1 reintroduced rapidly! I was sent into my room and no cuddles.
Took up the xbox tonight, well the game terminator which I really enjoyed chewing, the box, the cd and the instructions. They say these games are harmful to us young pups, there right, my bottom got a slap and I was sent to bed...... . I wonder what the playstation three games are like?????

Rule 5 introduced No X box or games

Out for last walk and hopefully a good sleep.

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